Intro to Poetry

Extra Credit Blog Posts

Now that you aren’t required to blog as frequently, you have an opportunity to write some blog posts for extra credit. The extra credit will count in the Commonplace Blog category. It won’t replace missed blog posts, but it can help fill in some of the gaps. You will be able to post up to one extra blog each week for credit. You do not have to post every week for credit; each post will count on its own.

These posts must relate to poetry in some way, but you can interpret how you want. If you’re the kind of person who likes more structure than that, here are some options for types of posts:

  • close reading of a few lines or a stanza
  • response to a poem
  • compare/contrast two poems
  • discuss the relationship between poetry and other forms of media
  • discuss a specific poem in connection to another work of art (interpreted loosely, so this could be a song, a movie, a painting, a tv show, a dance–whatever)
  • write about the relationship of poetry or a specific poem to current issues
  • write about how you see some of the ideas we’re discussing through poetry out in the real world

Those are only a few prompts to get you started, but you should use these posts to write about whatever you want to (given that it is in some way relevant to poetry). I expect to see the same quality of thought and expression in these posts as I expect in your required posts, so don’t phone this in. You either get the credit or you don’t, so if a post lacks depth or is unreadable, you won’t get credit for it.

For every extra credit post you choose to complete, you will email me a link to the post to let me know that you have done it. I will not hunt them down on my own, so if you don’t email me the link, you won’t get credit for it.

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