Intro to Poetry

Poem Hacker

This assignment is an opportunity for you to synthesize and express what you’ve learned about reading poetry this semester. Inspired by the popular life-hack articles all over the web, the goal of this assignment will be to help a broad audience get more enjoyment out of poetry by offering knowledge, tips, and tricks you’ve found important and helpful.

You can choose what form your article will take, but imagine that you are going to publish it on a website like BuzzFeed or Lifehack (for example), or a magazine’s online edition. You will publish your article as a page on your website (click here for more information about how to publish a page). Be creative; think about what kind visual display will help make your ideas appealing and easier for your audience to understand. What title will you give your article to draw readers in? Will you link out to other sites or pages to give interested readers more information? Will you include images, videos, or gifs to make it more visually interesting? Be sure that you choose a tone for your article and stick with it. The tone can be whatever tone you feel will be effective for your audience, but be consistent with it. (For example, don’t start off with a serious, scholarly tone and then include a Zoolander gif. Or whatever it is you kids are into these days.)

The length of this project will vary from person to person. You should aim for about 8-10 tips on your list, but that is a guideline rather than a requirement. Your focus should be on delivering enough information to help your readers improve their ability to read poetry without overdoing it and causing them to loose interest.

Your assignment will be graded primarily on your demonstration of a mastery of the course concepts we’ve been working on all semester. I will be looking for evidence of your knowledge about and skills for reading poetry. Think of this like an informal final exam—a chance for you to show me that you have mastered the objectives for the course. The assignment will also be graded to a lesser extent on visual design, how well you’ve taken advantage of the medium, and how well you’ve communicated to a broad audience.

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